Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Hawai, the Big Island

I am in Kona on the Big Island. Our instructors are all very knowledgeable and we will learn a lot this week. They are videotaping us so that we can clearly see our mistakes.

In Total Immersion swimming there is three principles. The first is to be balanced in the water. We worked on this aspect yesterday. I tend to lift my head up and have started to over compensate and actually pressed my chin down to my chest. This mistake was corrected and I learned to just relax in the water so that the water supports me.

The second aspect is streamlining. That is as Dinah explained to balance the water around you. To master this we practice the correct skating position. I have already realized that I was stacking my shoulders when doing this and that the rotation should be less. I was aiming for a 45 degree rotation but Dinah said it is even less. She helped me to get the correct rotation. We also worked on a relaxed arm recovery and a lengthening of the body forward with the leading arm.

This afternoon we did a long swim focussing on these aspects. Where I was spinning wheels yesterday I was really shooting through the water today. This is why I came to this Open water camp. I realized that I needed help to improve my technique. I am overjoyed that I can already feel a difference in the ease that I move through the water.

The underwater sea life is so distracting. There is the most beautiful variety of fish in the coral. I saw a small snake curling around and under some rocks in the water. It is difficult to concentrate on our focus points when one has this beautiful things to look at.

When I arrived here I had a day off before the swim camp start and went on a tour of the island. We went to the vulcano sight were there is smoke coming out of several places. We also saw beautiful rainforests and waterfalls. I would like to show the photos I took but my technical skills to do this is lacking.

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