Friday, 31 January 2014

I will swim a mile

Tomorrow a real milestone on my swimming adventure. I will swim my first mile in a competition. This is called the Mountain Mill Mile.

On Wednesday I wanted to know how far I can swim in 30 minutes. I swam 4 times around the dam in 33 minutes. That is about 1400 m depending on how close to dam walls I swam. So I expect to swim the mile in 38 minutes or less.

I swam with the tempo trainer yesterday swimming 150 m at a setting. I started at 1.15 and went down to 1.11. I am still focused on my style of swimming, making sure that I rotate sufficiently, not pulling with my hands but rather trying to hold the water. I do however want to stroke a bit faster without losing the correct technique. This is what competitive swimming do to one. Your attention are shifting to the time it took to swim.

I try to keep a balance between swimming faster but still stay efficient. What is most important is that I enjoy every swim session and get out wishing to keep on swimming.

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