Tuesday, 10 December 2013

In my Element

I have just received a copy of Theodore Yach's book In my Element. This is a beautiful book with wonderful photographs. It describes his swimming life, with details of his open water swims in the Cape water. I hope to find a lot of good advice for my planned swim from Robben Island in a few years.

To find your life's passion like he did (and also described by Ken Robinson) makes a truly wonderful story. I am so lucky that I found my passion, quilting early in life. I devoted my life to become the best and most knowledgeable quilter that I could be and found a lot of joy through the years in quilting. This is a sedentary occupation and two years ago I realised that I will have to become more active or will loose mobility and health.

I lost 27 kg and start walking daily. A year ago I took a weekend course in Total Immersion swimming and my life was changed again. I am so lucky to have two passions in my life now, quilting and swimming. It complements each other nicely.

Today I read Be more with Less- one of the blogs I subscribed to. She advised that one should not waste time seeking that one passion but rather be curious and under took new things. That is how I discovered swimming as a passion. I was not looking or searching for it- because I have a full filling passion in my life. It rather sneaked up on me.

I need to swim daily. I am also reading my Total Immersion books and blogs daily to gain more knowledge. I am inspired to come the best and most knowledgeable swimmer that I can be. I am thankful I have found a second passion that is just as full filling as the first. I have a blessed life and I appreciate it.

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